Beverly Fishman: Future Natural + Pill Spill

Fishman's new Pill Spill installation contains more than 120 unique glass capsules, ranging in size from 6 to 15 inches, placed in glass-enclosed architectural spaces at the Toledo Museum of Art Glass Pavilion. Pill Spill treats the Glass Pavilion as a “body” by releasing capsules into the curved glass hollows between its exterior and interior glass walls, transforming them into an architectural circulatory system. The installation was created as part of the Museum’s Guest Artist Pavilion Project (GAPP).

Interlude: Art Placebo

Don't you think the pharmakon library would be a perfect addition to their research 'hallway'?

Behring | Institute for Medical Research

--I'm very confused by this CFP.

--I checked the medical references. They appear to be fictitious. The institutes, medical schools etc mentioned do not seem to exist. The pharmaceuticals don't exist. There is a Dr. Kristina U. who is a prof at University of Puget Sound, they mustve picked her name out of random searches for a cool doctor name.

-- I especially appreciate how close 'Behring' is to 'Schering,' which does fund a lot of art in their own self-interest. It's also amusing how the title is "Placebos for Art" but is asking for "Art Placebos." The latter is certainly more innovative. The world is full of 'placebos for art.'

--They at least have enough funding to buy an e-flux ad...

--very amusing! now what if e-flux is yesman-ized...

-- was seriously considering entering the pharmakon library. i mean. Get down.

-- ‎...by rich Dutch medical students who are tired of their government giving so much money to art...

-- I can't imagine a better placebo.

-- did you check out their 'research facilities' photo? it's called hallway.png.

-- After all the Museum of Hygiene is in Dresden, for real. Maybe that 's where "Mrs. Andersom" did her post-doc fellowship.

-- That hallway is great. Imaginary researchers sunning themselves in the hall... And they have an alliance with the "Banned Substances Control Group." What a riot!!

--AKA BS Control Group.

--I think the term "Paramedicine" is too good to be left to languish on a hoax website. I'm gonna resuscitate that one sometime...

-- Okay okay... one last thing: "Nocebo is used to label the harmful, unpleasant, or undesirable reactions (or responses) that a subject manifested (thus, "nocebo reactions" or "nocebo responses") as a result of administering an inert dummy drug or placebo, where these responses had not been chemically generated, and were entirely due to the subject's pessimistic belief and expectation that the inert drug would produce harmful, injurious, unpleasant, or undesirable consequences. "

-- The. Best.

-- "Exclusions (conditions that would prevent a volunteer from participating in this study):
Persons taking Rosiglitazone, Popglitazone, steroids, and immune suppersants."

Popglitazone!!! who knew??