Christophe Bruno: Global Artists 7 [Bush Bin Laden]

A new meme: the September 11th Commandment
George W. Bush & Osama Bin Laden (collab. work)
New-York, USA, 2001

"Memes" are the symbols of our postmodernity. The uncertainty principle they are associated with 
replaced the old conception of a supposed metanarrative. They evoke so many contemporary themes
from the potentially infinite duplicability of the digital medium, to the burning issue of genetic cloning 
or the scale-free network theory.

Our world has become an unstable self-disregulating memeplex. The fluidity and the pervasive 

aspect of global information demand a scientific control which is still beyond our reach.
In order to handle this fluctuating mediascape, we focussed on creating a large-scale 
informational wave by launching a mediatic tsunami that will strike people's imaginations
for hundreds of years and dissipate the fuzziness of postmodernity and chaos theory.

As a result, individuals (minimal media units that are susceptible of maximal damages

) will have to obey a new meme, The September 11th Commandment: "Suspect your neighbor as yourself".