MANIK: Art Macht Frei (5)


Marija Vauda (Belgrade) graduated from the Academy of Applied Arts,the Department of sculpture,in Belgrade in 1986. NikolaPilipović (1957 Kikinda)holds BA and MA degrees from the Academy of Fine Arts,the Department of Painting,in Belgrade in 1986.These artists have been working very actively on the Serbian contemporary art scene for 20 years  Marija Vauda and Nikola Pilipović have been working together since 1993,but they started to sign their works as MANIK in 1999.

MANIK group:

Inselfment,video and performace,1997
From China to Banat,action,2001,Belgrade
Marija Vauda&Nikola Pilipović,installation,2001,Umetnostna Gallery,Maribor
and Modern Gallery,Slovenj Gradec,Slovenia

Luxurious,an action in the scope of Manifesta Frankfurt and Belgrade 2002,


Intensive care,24h-online work and Intensive care,video,2003

MANIK,The missing people,ambient,2004,the Gallery of ULUS,Belgrade

MANIK_RAW:Epic of Violence,drawings,2008,the Gallery 'Magacin',Belgrade

Since 2000 MANIK Group has been present on Rhizome.org,New Museum of Contemporary Art,New York and online as a Rhizome actions archive at MANIK’s blog,which has been entered as „Rhizome-Twice in time“

MANIK has been editing a forum called Seecultura at the portal SeeCult-for the culture of South-East Europe(Belgrade)since 2005.

Authors who wrote texts about MANIK’s work(selection):

Jerko Denegri,Miško Šuvakovic,Branislav Dimitrijević,Rob Myers,Gordana Stanišić,Jasna Tijardović,Patrick Lichty