MANIK : Art Macht Frei (1)


Christina McPhee said...

Marija Vauda (Belgrade) graduated from the Academy of Applied Arts,the Department of sculpture,in Belgrade in 1986. Nikola Pilipović (1957,Kikinda) holds BA and MA degrees from the Academy of Fine Arts,the Department of Painting, Belgrade, 1986.
Active in the Serbian contemporary art scene for over twenty years,each has held numerous solo and group exhibitions in the country(Belgrade,Novi Sad,Niš,Čačak...)and abroad(Slovenia,Bulgaria,Grece,the Nederlands,Germany...).They create paintings,sculptures,drawings,photography,
performances and texts as separate works, or put them together in ambient,installations and actions in the public realm.

Marija Vauda and Nikola Pilipović have been working together since 1993,but they started to sign their works as MANIK in 1999.

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tSeven Russia said...

manik speak truths only.
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