Jean Watters : My Great Recession #barbies

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My Great Recession

Angela Watters

In the social media performance and photography project, My Great Recession, I document the odd jobs I take in an attempt to scrape by during this jobless recovery. The images in the Pharmakon Library project are from the Barbie doll collection I was hired to sell online. --"Jean Watters"

Barbie Inventory

Wedding Party Midge Gift Set, Cafe Society Barbie, Russian Barbie, Vera Wang LE, Hula Hair Barbie, Millennium Princess Barbie, Victorian Ice Skater, 50th Anniversary NASCAR Barbie, Pilot Barbie, Happy Holidays Barbie 1996, Starlight Dance Barbie, Spring Petals Barbie, Avon - Winter Velvet Barbie, Holiday Traditions Barbie, Ocean Friends Barbie with Baby Keiko, Angelic Inspirations, Happy Holidays 1994, Victorian Elegance, Winter Rhapsody, Winter Evening Barbie 1998, University (U of Illinois) Cheerleader Barbie 1997, Evening Illusion Couture by Nolan Miller, Holiday Memories 1995, Yuletide Romance (3rd), Member’s Choice Grand Premier Barbie (1st ed), Couture - Portrait in Taffeta Barbie, Blushing Orchid Bride Barbie, Nolan Miller Sheer Illusion, Couture- Serenade in Satin Barbie, Holiday Treasures Barbie 1999, Happy Holidays Barbie 1997, German Barbie, Ms. PFE Albee - Avon Barbie, Hallmark Holiday Voyage Barbie, Snow Sensations Barbie, Blushing Bride Barbie, WNBA Barbie, Ring in the New Year Barbie, Date at Eight Barbie (outfit), Bridal Fashion Avenue (outfit), Embassy Waltz Barbie, Holiday Treasures Barbie 2000, Spring Tea Party Barbie, Spring Blossom Barbie, Avon Representative Barbie, Happy Holidays 1998, Holiday Ball Barbie, Suits Me Fine (outfit), Radiant Rose Barbie, Winter Splendor Barbie, Midnight Tuxedo Barbie, Gallery Opening (outfit).


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